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Chiropody and Podiatry at Restore Therapies

The aim of the foot care provide by Restore Therapies is to give you the confidence to manage your own foot care. Our aim is not just to provide conventional chiropody treatment. We offer you a holistic approach to your foot care and seek to exceed your previous experience of what a chiropodist can do for your feet.

Foot pain or lower limb pain can be caused by many different factors associated with tendons, muscle or bones. The problem can manifest itself in the foot by swelling, inflammation, callus, corns, wounds or injury.

Our therapist performs a full and thorough foot assessment on the first visit even for the smallest problem. The assessment aims to find the root cause of your foot, knee or lower limb problem, and give treatment and advice accordingly.

Your ongoing treatment might include:

  • Routine treatment - depending on need approximately 6 to 12 weekly sessions
  • Course of treatment - verrucae and anti fungal care
  • Short term or long term - insole or orthotics provision by prescription

Our chiropody fees are competitive with those charged by other private chiropody practices in the area.

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